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One of the main memes coming from the Left these days is that Bush lied about Iraq having WMD’s. All of the other nations and NGO’s that agreed that Iraq had WMD’s are dismissed as irrelevant. All that matters is that Bush [b]knew[/b] that they did not and went to war, not on bad information but on a lie.

First an example of the irrelevant findings of any non-US nation:

Denmark has declassified intelligence reports compiled before the Iraq war which show officials thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
In one report, Iraq was thought to have both chemical and biological weapons, as well as an active nuclear programme.

Leftists will tell you this didn’t matter b/c Bush knew that the above information was false and the and his Neocon cabal “cherry picked” intelligence to support the conclusion they wanted. Iraq had WMD’s.

Now, however, Bob Woodward has a new book out. This complicates matters for the intellectually honest.