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Daily Roundup

OK, actually weekly roundup because blogging has been light

First up, Peggy Noonan asks if New York's Junior Senator can lose gracefully. I think we're seeing the answer is going to be "no".

From the Department of Unforeseen Consequences, Biofuels cause global warming.

Mark Steyn speaks to CPAC as only he can. Humor and insight in one package. If any GOP candidate spoke half as well as he did, he's be unbeatable.

Everything I've ever needed to know I learned from LOST. I particularly agree with point #4.

I think I'm legally bound to mention Berkley's support for the Marines....

If this doesn't amuse you, you must be Vulcan or something.

This one is red meat for the Techies out there. Behold, when server cabling becomes art

Remarkably, I've had 5 of these and the first four in the list are really awesome. Lambic is, admittedly, like sausage. Delicious but you really don't want to see it made. The uber-hopped IPA's by Dogfishead are tru…

Mystery Solved!

Previously on This Is Very Strange, I had received a very desirable gift from person or persons unknown.

After much ado, I've finally found out who sent it. I was correct that is was one of the four people who knew me enough to send it, my brother.

He travels a lot for business so I hadn't spoken to him in ages. Seems he was trolling eBay for another unrelated item and sent it to me on a lark. For that I am eternally grateful. Moreover b/c I finally know who sent the damn thing.

Happy Valentine's Day!