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Meaningless 80's stuff:

1. First music video you remember seeing?
Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
2. Did you want your MTV and did you get it?
Yes, and eventually yes.
3. Were you a music video junkie like I was?
4. Best music video of the 80’s was…
Thriller. Hate Jacko but that was and is a great video
5. Worst music video was….
Any YES video.
6. What’s the most memorable 80’s music video for you?
See #4.
7. Whose music videos did you enjoy the most in the 80’s?
Van Halen had some good ones.
8. Did video kill the radio star?
If you're asking about "talkies" ruining silent film star's careers, yes.

More 80's questions
Just when I think I have nothing at all to say, Andrea comes and rescues me with her "Eight for the 80's" questions. Thanks Andrea!
1. What did the music of that era mean to you then?
It was the soundtrack of my life.
2. What song takes you right back, whenever you hear it?
Many many songs. So many of them capture a particular mom…
This Was Not Looting - How did Saddam's best weapons plants get plundered? By Christopher?Hitchens

Hitch lays out the case that there was no "looting" of the Iraqi weapons sites. It was far too systematic and organized to be anything akin to looting. An excellent read.
The pressure continues in Lebanon. I don't think this is going away. This is shaping up to be another Orange Revolution. I never thought I'd live to see the day that revolution swept the globe let alone a global revolution for democracy. It's hard to impress upon younger people today what a long shadow the spectre of communist revolution cast in the 80's. It looked like an interminable stalemate and much of Europe advancing steadily towards socialism it appeared that freedom was in decline. Now, I continue to be shocked at the events unfolding day by day. I literally thought the Berlin Wall coming down would be the apex of freedom's advance in my lifetime. I'm so glad I was wrong.
Looting at Weapons Plants Was Systematic, Iraqi Says. According to this article, there was no "looting" of weapons plants. It was entirely too organized and required many people working in concert with heavy equipment as well as trucks to move the materiel. Much of this will remain unknown or at least, hidden until long after the war before we find out the truth.