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Ok, this one is a little stale but monumentally important. Many bloggers have been on this one for ages. Roger Simon for one, has been digging at this one and it looks like the edges are starting to give. It is now apparent that Kofi Anan and his progeny are deeply involved in the Oil-for-Food scandal and it's apparent that everyone involved was on the take. Anan's son claims he was merely an advisor and the fact that his company recieved no bid contracts and was merely a coincidence. Were it so, the program wouldn't have been shrouded in such secrecy and cloaked in unaccountability. Those involved were only interested in graft and structured the program to allow graft on two fronts. They allowed Saddam to pad the payments for products to provide kickbacks and they controlled the companies that got the contracts. Those who played along, made money, those who did not, …
Ari Goes Down

Hilarious! It's amazing to see someone slapped in the face by the hard realities of life. I have to agree with her that in college, it's very easy to be a liberal as it is based on feelings not pesky things like facts. I've often said (though not here) that most liberals believe what they do based on raw emotion and not on feelings. I have one liberal friend (who shall remain nameless to protect their sloppy thinking) who emotes extensively about things as they ought to be. When I ask pointed questions, I get huffs of indignation, non-sequitors and straw men. Usually we have to cut the conversation short or else my opponent gets too fired up to continue as emotional levels rise and factual discussion approaches zero.
The Observer | International | One man's resistance: 'Why I turned against America': "Black soldiers are a particular target. 'To have Negroes occupying us is a particular humiliation,' Abu Mujahed said, echoing the profound racism prevalent in much of the Middle East. 'Sometimes we aborted a mission because there were no Negroes.' "

This is just nuts. I don't put much trust in MSM reports but this strikes me as peculiar. The story presents the principal actor with such contradiction, I can't help but think he's either delusional or an amalgam. The other possibility is that the author is blowing smoke. I leave it to you to decide. (The correct answer is A, Delusional.