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Throw Hastert out ...and Pelosi too (but that goes without saying)

"The Justice Department must immediately return the papers it unconstitutionally seized," House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Are they freakin' kidding me! There's a federal supoena to search the office!

Both parties have protested the Saturday night search of Jefferson's office on Capitol Hill, which they said violated the Constitution's separation of powers doctrine.

Are they serious? They pound on Bush for claiming he thinks he's above the law and they have the gall to claim the DOJ has no jurisdiction over them? Can we storm the Capitol now with pitchforks and torches? At this point, I'd be happy to see every last Congress member sent home with their tail between their legs.

William Jefferson gives them the high ground on the culture of corruption and they manage to find new feet to shoot. This can only mean that Hastert and Pelosi …
It must be video day here or something. Here's a compilation of 80's music videos.
Will Ferrrell is funnier in this than Anchorman.
How about a little Patriotism for memorial day? (NSFW and sound warning)
Simply mindboggling. Some very strange connections. Social network analysis seems to be all the rage these days.
Strange....I'm supposed to get email copies of comments but none have been in my inbox. My apologies for the lack of response to comments.
Apologies for the light blogging. I've been swamped at work trying to get this friggin project done (Hey PK! I've had to think on my feet with deadlines fast approaching). It's finally up and running. Now we're on to stress testing and load balancing (give me strength). Once that's done we're on to platform migration and version upgrade! Simultaneously!


Seriously, this is the project I've been working on:

Get the temporary website with Version 6.1 up and running so we can do an RFP for the client and with the account.

Simultaneously, we're going to migrate platforms, change to single source warehouse feed and upgrade the software from 6.1 to 6.5.

Me: Um, that's too many moving parts. If something goes wrong we'll never be able to trace the souce

Client: Well, it's what we're doing and we have limited resources.

Me: Um, two things; your overnight batch is a full. Why aren't you rewriting this to be a delta when migrati…
Americans have been carping on about how moderate Muslims need to police their own house so we don't have to. The problem is that those same moderates could very well find themselves starring in the latest beheading video if they do. So it is with no small amount of fury that I read the following:

Nicolas Almeida, a Catholic and former Mumbai municipal councillor, offered a reward of 1.1 million rupees ($25 000) for the head of author Brown, leading a Catholic journalist to compare Almeida to the Taliban.

I think the man should be immediately excommunicated. He should have to go before a Canon court to explain himself and write an open letter apology to Dan Brown complete with prostate mea culpa. We have to draw a very bright line immediately. We cannot allow any taint of this virulent strain to spread. No matter how offensive and blasphemous any book or movie might be.
A.C.L.U. May Block Criticism by Its Board Free speech for me but not for thee....

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
A Liberal Teaches Republicans About Free Markets. One cheer for Barney Frank! It's amazing how economics go out the window when it comes to pork. And you wonder why they're losing their base.
Revisionist Hitory. You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. The facts listed therein are indisputable.
Attention Anti-War Protestors: This man put his money where his mouth is. He craps bigger than you.
BLACKFIVE: Someone You Should Know. Read them all and thank God you have such men (and women) fighting for us.
Google Trends: delaware

This is interesting. Looks like we're self-referential. Nobody outside our tiny state has much interest in us. I suppose that's to be expected.
A nation's interests? Google tells all You can now see aggregate trending for keyword searches. Some very interesting results. Pick something strange like "handcuffs" and take a look. Simply amazing and very telling.
'Able Danger' Data-Mining Documents Emerge. These are the same documents that the 9/11 Commission said were either destroyed or never existed. 9,500 pages of documents. I knew we should have taken a longer view of that day. We've now carved in stone what the truth is based on this comission and we now know they either didn't have all the facts, or ignored them.
Disgraceland, PRC: "Aside from this castle blatantly weirdifying an otherwise normal Chinese streetcorner, Disgraceland isn't terribly obvious to the casual observer. I'd been in Xi Pu two weeks before I even noticed the place. "

Read on to see creepy photos of an abandoned Chinese amusement park. There's something very off-putting about abandoned amusement parks to me. I think it's because they're associated with halcion days of youth and happy memories and when they're abandoned, it's like a metaphor for growing older. The happy times have all worn down and rusted. Weeds push through the blacktop that would shimmer with heat in the height of the summer. It's like looking at lost youth.
The Worst Beers In The World. It is with no pride whatsoever that I list the one's I've had below:

Rank Beer Score
1 Busch NA 0.88
6 Michelob Ultra 0.98
7 ODouls 0.98
10 Olde English 800 3.2 0.99
13 Natural Light 1.05
17 Natural Ice 1.06
28 Milwaukees Best 1.11
32 Busch Ice 1.14
35 Cave Creek Chili Beer 1.15
46 Schlitz Red Bull 1.18
48 Bud Light 1.19

I protest. where is Natty Bo? Where is Shaefer? Where is Black Label? Shenanigans! I declare Shenanigans!
California Conservative has a video showing Terrorists Entering U.S. Via The Border. Most Americans are upset with illegal immigrants coming here to work. It's a problem that clearly needs to be addressed. This, however, is an entirely different ballgame. It's not even in the same ballpark. It's not even in the same universe. Agents seized materials to make 33 IED's. Are you friggin' kidding me? There's also the jacket with unknown Arabic army patches and an illustration showing something very similar to the 9/11 attacks. This makes me break out into a cold sweat. Enough is enough. We can't militarize the border? Bullshit. We *shouldn't* because "Mexico is our friend". Bullshit. That's a non f-ing starter. We have borders for a reason and we damn well need to militarize them. Not just Mexico, Canada too. Build a big ass border wall or fence or minefield for all I care, just get it done. They've nabbed 51 terrorists a…
Fr. Joseph Carola, SJ has an article entitled "Da Vinci Disarmed". It's rather long but a good read. I think the Church is not upset at the book as much as they are by it's popularity. They are afraid the ideas in the book may be either representative of what people already believe about the Catholic Church or that those ideas might take hold. Both are not unreasonable fears as a recent poll stated that 3/4 of Britons believed the wild alegations in the book as fact. This will pass but only after the book fades into the background like all other pop culture phenomenons.
A Prince Nestled Once More in Korea's Embrace. Truth is stranger than fiction. Kim Jong-Il is probably beside himself that this guy is not only back but being recognized as some sort of royalty.
The Palestinian civil war continues. Gaza Blast Stokes Hamas-Fatah Tensions. They've taken to blowing each other up. That Fatah is the "moderate" voice of this group is somewhere between laughable and disturbing. When Krathammer first floated the idea of a wall I thought he was nuts. After some thought it seemed not only sensible, but inevitable. He also posited then that a Palestinian civil war would be the inevitable result. I didn't think so as the time or even after thinking about it, but he was right. This has been a simmering conflict with occasional boil overs. Only time will tell if one group thinks they have enough arms and support to make a push for complete control. If Iran starts to feel the pressure from the US enough, they'll likely let out the slack on Hamas' leash. Enough to cause more problems and let them spill over into Israel. They want Israel dragged into the conflict and want the US to take it's eye off the ball. Neithe…
Daniel W. Drezner says Hugo Chavez, unwitting friend to America helps us quite a bit. He cites poll numbers that his neighbors can't stand his meddling in their local affairs. Drezner wrongly, in my view, conflates anti-Chavez sentiment with anti-American sentiment. I believe, you can hate the man and not love America. Just because they hate Chavez meddling in their domestic affairs does not mean they will reverse course on their feelings about America. I think he's being a little flippant which is fine, but I wish he'd make that more clear. I have a hard time thinking he's stating this plainly as a credible idea.
The thing that continually amazes me is that some people think only their opponents are capable of corruption. Even the most partisan of papers The Washington Times acknowledges the bipartisan nature of it. Corruption charges burden both parties says the headline. That has been my refrain since I first started watching politics. It's not your party affiliation, it's your time in Washington. Over time, the culture of corruption takes hold and the players learn to game the system. Transparency is the only cure. Eliminate earmarks, make all spending bills and riders available on the internet. Institute a limit of two terms for all elective offices. If it's ok for the President, why not the House or Senate?
Our friends the Saudis Part MCMLXVIII.
Fantazy Land, Alexandria, Egypt.

Creepy pictures of an abandoned amusement park.