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Ok, I know it's wrong but this one just made me laugh. Nothing like pegging the Irony Meter (TM) at 8:08 AM. I'd love to hear their explanation of how this happened. Two PETA Employees Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges in N.C.
"Everything's bigger in Texas." Or so the saying goes. What about highways, you ask. Have no fear, the Trans-Texas Corridor is here. A zillion lanes wide with a pipeline to boot. Does it get any better? Pave the planet!
Arcosanti is proposing a "linear city". One that would be like a huge rail line/transportation vein in the center that would serve as the spine for a city. The city would not grow out as a circle with spoke and wheel (like Charlotte, NC) or a grid (Manhattan) but would continue ever along the central line. Think Vegas but much more linear. An interesting prospect. It reminds me of William Gibson's concept of The BAMA (Boston Atlanta Metropolitan Axis). A city that extends unbroken from Boston to Atlanta. Not a prospect anyone would relish but in open desert it is more feasible and palatable. Would be interesting to see if this takes off.
Well, that took longer than I thought. Apparently, Tom's plan it to convert the world one woman at a time. Based on his behavior of late, he's headed for a full on meltdown. He'll be naked, frothing at the mouth in the middle of an intersection in LA during rush hour waving a gun and ranting about Xenu. His publicist will cite "stress" and "dehydration".