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"Unrealized Moscow. Very cool renderings of projects that were never built. Really good archive of the social realist architechture.
Wretchard has some excellent insights into the limitations on China if they wish to retake Taiwan. I've often heard it postulated that the main limitation was the PLAN's inability to control the Strait of Taiwan after making their landing on the island itself. One of the chief concerns cited is America's ability to control the sea lanes through which VLCC's (Very Large Crude Carriers) can travel. This limitation is, however, a fungible one. If we have a weak willed (read: Democrat) in office, the US Navy will not interdict oil shipments to China. The check on this is the Taiwanese Sumarine force. If the Chinese mean to take Taiwan they would have to make a lightning grab for the island and hope to catch most, if not all, of the sub fleet in port. If one or two boats are at sea they would be able to close the sea lanes bringing not just oil, but many vital goods to China. I will say this has me feeling a bit better about China's political and expansionist am…
The Flagship

Wanna know the prime reason combat swimmers won't threaten our ports? Read the link. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of an attack by one of these guys.
Lawmakers With Relatives on Payroll

There has been much ado about Tom DeLay's skating the ethical line with his trips and employment of family members. The link above shows the list to include both sides of the aisle. The outrage by Senators and Congressmen seems a bit rich. The key difference IMNHO is the amounts we're talking about. Every politician certainly has the right to hire whomever they wish in whatever capacity they wish. However, were I donor, I would look carefully at how my donation is spent. Is the candidates son or daughter holding a degree in government from Harvard or Georgetown? If so, I would have little problem with them being involved in the campaign or even administration. The sheer size of Delay's payroll for his family is what make me balk. Further down the list you'll see people who were re-imbursed $1500 or so for travel and expenses. That, my friend(s), is a mere pittance compared to how much money changes hands in a campaign. The…