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Just too funny.
WorldNetDaily: Is this one of Saddam's mobile bio-weapons labs?

I got snookered by the first mobile lab they found and am going to wait until there's more analysis on this one. I think the Right should be way of these kind of reports b/c trumpeting them too early and too often begins to wear and people stop listening. More on this as it develops. - Kerry leads Bush in pre-debate poll - Sep 27, 2004

This is predictable as the sunrise. MSM carrying water for the Democrat party. In the end we'll see how this one pans out. I've been saying that a landslide is coming and they are in an echo chamber and can't see it.
Ok, I'm going to try and publish some posts of substance rather than a link and a scant comment. That will likely mean few posts but hopefully, better ones.

I suppose this would matter more if I had, you know, actual readers