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I've heard alot about our entering the "post PC" era. That is, collectively we've about had enough with Political Correctness and it's going to be out of fashion in short order. I surmise this is correct and was inevitable. More on this later...really need to do my self-eval.
Sometimes it feels like there are many things at hand but are at the same time very elusive. I have an old friend I know who lives less than a half an hour from me (roughly) but I have no idea how to contact him. None. Might as well be a million miles away.
I haven't been posting to this blog nearly as much as I had initially planned. I'm considering canceling this if I don't figure out what exactly I'm trying to do here.

I got a call from Loyola begging...uh...asking me for money. I spoke to a very nice freshman girl who was an IB major (as I was). I explained to her that I would be unable to give any money to them until they got rid of a particular board member who has been involved with some (in my view) questionable ethical business deals. I feel as if my Alma Mater looks the other way on this one in favor of someone with deep pockets. Not a good thing for a Jesuit institution. She said she had no idea about any of this and seem genuinely interested. I also gave her some tips on which professors to take and whom to avoid. [b]That[/b] seemed to be something that she was most interested in. She also asked me if I go back to Loyola much. I told her there were "too many ghosts" so I don't really go…
I have been wondering of late, which is the "freest" state. That is, which of the 50 has the least government. Not sure how to even find out. Perhaps Cato.
I also heard a rumor that Stephen King is not going to be writing anymore after he publishes his current work in progress. His website says otherwise. I hope the latter is correct.
I was given my employee self review on Wednesday and it's due today. I haven't started. So of course, I'm here posting messages in the ether.