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This Hobbsian world illustrated

Indeed. Frequently, nature is trying to kill you when it's stinging, biting or oozing mucus on you. Like this list of nature's way of saying "Don't touch".

Ups and Downs


One of my cousins who works for the NYPD in ESU made Captain. Congratulations!


Got this email from a friend:

"I was thrown a curve ball when my close Prague buddy Mike was diagnosed a month ago with a brain lesion ... he'll either undergo surgery this week and then have a 14-36 month life expectancy or he won't, in which case he'll only have six months."

I knew Mike casually. He helped me out in a bind when I was in Prague as a favor to our mutual friend. Good guy, very laid back (Californian, go figure). The kind of guy who's easy to be around and he is IIRC in his late twenties. He's not a close friend but for some reason that was like a gut punch. I guess anything that brings mortality that close to home is amplified when you have young kids.


Imminent rate increase. It's meager but any increase is usually a good thing.


Was supposed to be effective January 1 and I haven't seen jack yet.

This is very strange...

I'm an average guy with an average life. I have a few more kids than most but for the most part I'm just an anonymous lumpenprole toiling away in obscurity both professionally and on this blog. To say my life follows a certain routine is like saying "The Hindenburg caught fire." That is to say, technically accurate but wildly understates the truth.

In any event, I just received a call from The Wife. To wit:

"Did you order something?"
"No, why?"
"There's something here for you."
"Uh, box, bag, envelope, singing telegram?"
"It's a box"
"Who's is from?"
"It's from [Name redacted pending confession or further investigation]"
"(repeats name)"
"No idea. Never heard of him."

A quick google search later I find that the sender's return address is in the wilds of northern Pennsylvania. A place I have never visited.

"Open it."
"What? Me? Why …

It's McCain

All but locked up. Romney needs every single vote from here on out to win. So, effectively it's over and it's McCain. The MSM will have their knives out for McCain now. They have been giving him a pass until now but now they're going to revert to type and smear, slander and deride any GOP nominee, even McCain. Next obvious question; who gets the VP nod. My initial thought was Rudy but he might show strong in NYC but he can't deliver NJ which is solidly blue no matter how fond of him they might be. Huckabee makes sense due to a surprising (to me anyway) showing across the south. Romney won't be able to deliver much beyond Utah. Not even Mass. would go for Mitt over any Democrat if he's only the VP and not heading the ticket.

Obama is reportedly winning in a very tight race. Privately, I believe Hillary is furious. It is, after all, her turn. She thinks it is her birthright to be the first female president and that goal trumps the need for a first bl…


How sweet it is! Sorry shEagle fans! Mwa ha ha ha!

p.s. Jeremy who?