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Strange. I've been clicking the Post&Publish button to publish and seems that wasn't working. Now I've managed to push the content I've had sitting in the ether since 7/8! Sure that's only like 4 posts but still....
What's the deal with lead and chocolate? Any truth to that one?
Fisking the Locals.

I guess one way to make my blog more worthwhile would be to add a litle local flavor to the content. Bloggers are notorious for "Fisking" people and op-ed pieces. To "Fisk" someone is to intercut their original post or article with commentary that serves to undermine and/or destroy their arguement. The word comes from Robert Fisk the journalist who was beaten by a mob in Pakistan and then declared that he deserved it and he felt their pain. As an anti-idiotarian (another blogsphere term) the News Journal is fertile ground from which cull fiskable articles. Let's start with this one:

Third-party candidates offer little

...And News Journal columnists offer less...

The Delaware attorney general's race this year is producing more sparks and legitimate issue disagreements than any on the ticket. Watch for it to turn negative. It'll have to if Democrat Carl Schnee has any hope of overcoming two-term incum…
I'm leaving. Too busy today to post anything of note. Must blog more when time permits. (should have time in about...oh, 17 years or so.)
Some days I hate my job.

Today is one of those days.

This data collection shit is the most tedious @!#$#ing thing I've had to do since I was a temp.

Blah blah blog.

I've resolved myself to post here much more often. Yes I have very very little free time but what little I have is well served by using my gray matter. As such, I begin today. I am however, discouraged by the Giants of the Blogsphere. I cannot hope to compete with the endless stream of info that Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds manages to put forth. Nor can I compete with Lileks and his ever elegant phrasing and ability to spin a yarn like few others. The man is all but peerless. Sullivan's keen observations often leave me flat-footed. I could never hope to out-snark Kaus. What then, to differentiate myself and make this blog worth reading?

I'm still looking for that answer myself.

Observation of the day #1.

In The Godfather Trilogy at least 3 people ask for a drink that are not offered one. Each of them is portrayed as a weak and callow person. They are Johnny Fontaine, Merle and Fredo. The Don gives Johnny a smack and tells him to act like a…