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So the warehouse crashed....

Completely. I mean if it were a cartoon it would have it's tongue hanging out the side of it's mouth and X's over the eyes. The DBA's called in UNIX and Oracle support guys almost immediately. Each blamed the other. Either way, my users had no data which tends to make them grumpy. After much ado, everyone agreed to blame the hardware since they were outnumbered.

It took two days to move everything over to another box on another frame while the original frame hardware was swapped out. My job of late has been to reassure people that yes, we know about the problem and yes, someone is working on it. I've referred a great many users to my boss since that's what he gets paid for.

One key event: A callout email/page went out around 3:30 AM on Wednesday morning. Oddly, my phone didn't ring so I didn't find out about the complete failure of our critical system until 7:00 when I logged on. I asked my boss why I wasn't called (not angry mind you, j…

Best. Name. Evar.

I swear I'm not making this up.