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The Harvard Crimson Online has a very interesting take on the Schiavo case. I believe the writer gives a unique perspective that is shared by very few people. I'm both amazed and saddened by the cheapness people seem to place on life. A great many people I've spoken to about this would not only want to die were they in her position but well before. My own reservations are the lack of therapy she recieved over the last few years. With all the conflicting opinions (both medical and otherwise) lead me to believe not everything that was done could have been done. I am conflicted however b/c it appears the family had many many chances to be heard before different judges and not one of them sided with the Schindler family. Even if you believe the judiciary is in the hands of liberals, it's hard to imagine that not one of the judges they went before sided with them. There are no winners in this story. None.