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Simply amazing

End of the world as we know it declares Hube. Well, not really but it's a post about TEOTWAWKI novels and Cobalt bombs. Hube, being Hube manages to somehow weave comic books into a post about Cobalt bombs and the end of the world.

Challenge to Hube: write a post about hummus recipes and weave comic books in there.



So, it all started on Thursday when the 'fridge gave up the ghost. It had been plotting and planning and waited until my wife had gone to the grocery store and filled him with tons of food. I came home and found the fridge smirking and churning lukewarm air into the fridge. After throwing out hundreds of dollars worth of now spoiled food. The fridge guy came and $247 later and 9 minutes of labor he replaced the errant part. Whatever. The dishwasher must have been feeling neglected because he decided to run a few cycles without opening the soap dispenser. I threatened said appliance with percussive maintenance involving crowbars which got his attention and he's now working without any $247 parts.

Thursday night my wife and I packed the whole crew up for a trip to the beach. After packing most of what we owned into the Family Truckster (TM) we collapsed, exhausted onto the couch. If we were on the highway and some sort of Mt. Vesuvius style disaster…