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I've been playing soccer one night a week in a pickup game for a few months now. Most of the players are a bit older (late 20's and up) and generally trying to get in shape. The games aren't serious and we rarely call (or need to call) fouls. A week ago I was running full speed for a ball that was headed for the opponents net. I was two steps away from a one on one with the keeper. Out of nowhere, a defenseman shoulders me and I hit the turf. Hard. I landed fully on my shoulder and heard a crunch. I was in white hot agony almost instantly. I sat for the rest of the night and went home. I figured I just jammed it and it would hurt of a while. If it still hurt after that, I'd see the doctor.

After a few days, it still hurt and range of motion was a problem. I would try and lift something with my right arm and my arm would not go above chest level. It was not pain stopping me, it just wouldn't go. Not good. I called the doctor and explained the situati…

It's Not Just Scott Beauchamp

American Thinker writes It's Not Just Scott Beauchamp. The continual refrain from the MSM is that bloggers are pajama clad losers in Mom's basement. They're incapable of real reporting, fact checking or quality writing. Mr. Hoven puts paid to the idea that the MSM's series of checks and editors improves the quality of the product. He lists the most glaring examples of lies, manipulations and frauds. This article, gives a prime example of the aforementioned refrain from, in this case, academics.

Many bloggers have pointed out that the MSM, like any threatened monopoly, attacks when challenged. I believe what we're seeing is equivalent to market spasms caused by the removal of artificial controls. The initial shocks cause distortions and disruptions much like you see after a hurricane or tornado when "gouging" occurs in response to scarcity.

The first shock came from CNN when they introduced the 24 hour news cycle. Before that, you had the 11:00 n…

Pop Quiz

Fred Barnes writes:

"Rove is the greatest political mind of his generation and probably of any generation."

How can you make the preceding statement true by changing only one word? (10 pts)

Answer: "Rove is the greatest partisan mind of his generation and probably of any generation."

I mean, seriously. Is he insane? Does he not know those minor bit players in American history like Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams et al.?

For your consideration - Dick Cheney on why America shouldn't invade Iraq (1994)

Granted that things were different in 1994 this is, in my view, damning. I would love to hear his rationale as to why things are different. I have my own thoughts which I've beaten to a bloody pulp so I won't rehash here. However, this is why politics is changing so much. It was one thing in the past to see a quote from someone saying the exact opposite of what they're saying now. It's entirely different to see it in video. Add to that the dispersal possible with viral video and the seismic changes are massive.

Nyah Nyah!

Sorry Hube, scooped again

Hamas Militiamen Break Up Wedding, Beat Guests

Hamas Militiamen Break Up Wedding, Beat Guests.

These are not political parties. They are gangs with no interest in the governance of a state. They want the cash and the power and that's it.


I was going to post one of those "Sorry, I've been too busy to blog" posts after reading this. However, nobody's reading this blog so who cares? After reading this I'm glad I didn't.