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One Cheer for Bubba

The lukewarm response of the crowd was dismaying however.

Picture post

What if the Founding Fathers were the Fantastic Four?

Presidential Bingo

Hamlet Act III, Scene II

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Gerry Fulcher declares: A BLOG IS EQUIVALENT TO A WRITER’S FART and then goes on to prove the point.

I don't know anything about this guy other than he apparently used to be on WDEL. (I do not listen to terrestrial radio so I didn't know that). Based on his first post and his comments at DWA, I can see he's study in contradictions. Brays about being a "real writer" and pounds and pounds on the fact that he's been published in such vaunted publications as TV Guide. Yes TV Guide, the bastion of crusading truth and breaking news. This is a big deal because according to Mr. Fulcher it was the most popular magazine in the world. Rest assured they were subscribing for the cutting edge investigative journalism not for, you know, TV listings. Almost immediately after talking about it's popularity, he says he "doesn't give a rat's ass about popularity". An odd thing for a "real" writer. I…

Quote of the Week

The Myth of the "Big Tent"

Republicans have prided themselves of late of being the "big tent" party. That is, room for many ideas that may not be in line with current orthodoxy. They've watched the Nutroots crowd take (or at least appear to take) control over the Democrat party. The fight with the DLC has been significant and for Republicans it's like watching a revolution eat it's own children.

After all their crowing, they're now turning their own newly sharpened knives on members of their own party. Ron Paul has been singled out. He is gone down the memory hole on Red State. This combined with an effort to kick him out of the party. Purportedly it's because of his anti-war stance. That alone makes him persona non grata. Rather than saying he's wrong about that one thing and right about everything else, they'd rather shut him out or shut him up. Why? I think the answer is obvious.

2007 F1 Season in Review

A few posts ago I was whining about losing my yen to blog. I think it has to do with fatigue from hitting the same notes on the same topics without any sort of meaningful insight or solution. In an effort to turn in a new direction, here’s a post about F1. That’s Formula One. The single best form of auto racing. Forget NASCAR. That’s a bunch of hillbillies driving in a circle for 3 hours. The only thing worse than watching NASCAR on TV would be having to attend in person with the great unwashed masses. Where NASCAR is for lumpenproles, F1 is for eloi. (I’m mixing aliterations here but bear with me.)

Formula One cars are the most highly specialized, technically advanced (and therefore expensive) machines in the world. They are capable of performance beyond the dreams of mortal men. They have so much downforce keeping them on the road they could drive upside down in a tunnel. Here’s a brief primer on the capabilities of an F1 car.

With that out of the way we have to recap the …

Daily Roundup

Parking in your apartment. It was inevitable. Would have been more useful when Dinkins was Mayor. Personally, I think this is brilliant and hope it catches on. One of the few funny things Paul Riser ever said was "I never meant to move to L.A., I was just circling Manhattan looking for a place to park".

Bush had reportedly warned Hillary et al. not to get too far out on a limb vis a vis Iraq but Michael Barone believes they have.

FBI agent elicits false confession (and therefore suborns perjury) by threatening to have a man's family tortured. Lefties will inevitably blame Bush but this is not a new problem and doesn't start (or end) with Bush being president. It has to do with the eternal over-reach of government that is ever expanding is scope.

Liberal Media Bias in it's embryonic larval stage.

Watch Paul Krugman get mocked and reviewed simultaneously.

There is no man made global warming. That has to be true. If not, why would Ted Kennedy kill wind power …