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OHNOTHEYDIDNT has a two lists: 100 Most Underrated movies and 100 Worst Reviewed Films.

My take (on the ones I've seen) follows:

I take exception with the ones in italics.
Emphatic agreement in bold

1. Miller's Crossing

Brilliant film. Pitch perfect.

2. The Thin Red Line

Contemplative and moving. Not your typical war movie. Borders on the existential nature of warfare.

4. Road To Perdition

The best non-superhero adaptation of a comic book to date.

5. Casino
9. Fresh

A little known film but very well done. Inner city noir thriller.

10. Bringing Out The Dead
15. Ronin
18. In The Company Of Men
20. Kundun

Visually stunning.

24. True Romance
25. Requiem For A Dream

Overdone. Not a bad film but veers off course and violate suspension of disbelief.

26. Strange Days
28. Any Given Sunday

So many naked men in this movie it makes Top Gun look straight.

29. Leaving Las Vegas
30. Eyes Wide Shut
31. Men Of Honor

Excellent film about one man fighting the odds and winning big.

32. A Soldier's St…

The Year Without Toilet Paper

See Moonbats in their native enviroment!

Thrill to the adventures of beeswax candles and vegan stew!

Imagine The Year Without Toilet Paper!

Seriously, get help. If you're going to do the Walden thing I can't imagine why you'd do it in NYC. Move to frickin' Northern Idaho or even somewhere tropical. Makes more sense to me.

Rent a Village

Guilded Age indeed! This would make for a mighty nice corporate retreat. I've been to a few of those and the nicest one was at Hartfeld so this one is a bit beyond my frame of reference. I can only imagine who is spending the scratch to have a retreat at one of these places. Not too shabby.

(h/t: Sully

Remembering Cathy Seipp

Remembering Special Friend, Conservative Columnist Cathy Seipp

A moving tribute to an unflinching observer of American politics. She quotes Cathy:

“I’m beginning to feel a responsibility to point out that lung cancer, which kills more people annually (about 163,000) than the next four most common cancers (colon, breast, pancreatic and prostate) combined, is terribly underfunded compared to other diseases: $950 in research money per lung cancer death, compared to $8800 for breast cancer and $34,000 for AIDS.

"That’s because the vast majority of lung cancer (about 85 percent) is still caused by smoking, even though the rate for lifelong nonsmoking women like me (and Christopher Reeve’s widow) has been going up for some mysterious reason, and the general attitude is that smokers deserve whatever they get."

She was a great writer and commenter. I hope she's at peace.

YouTube of the Day

Don't forget your phone

(OK, so it's not technically YouTube but you get the idea.)

Quote of the Day

My Users are not very bright.

Hapless User: hi
Duffy: Hi
Hapless User: this outage that's planned for tomorrow - will it affect the processing servers/CMS?
Duffy: tomorrow? That's today mate
Duffy: and, yes, everything is down from 5:00 pm tonight until Sunday morning
Duffy: (or whatever 5:00 is in your crazy metric time you guys use)
Hapless User: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Hapless User: total panic
Duffy: I cleverly disguised the outage time in bold type in yesterday's email
Hapless User: yeah I read the mail this morning - so "tomorrow" was Saturday ;)
Duffy: Here in the US, Friday follows Thursday
Duffy: Irrespective of when one reads their email
Hapless User: so it's starting 5 pm this evening EST (that's 11 pm for us) and ending 7 am EST - that's 1 pm for us)
Duffy: right

Quote of the Day

Ladder Theory

Ladder Theory is about women, men and what they want vs. what they say they want. It's rife with salty language but uproariously funny. An academic exercise by a darkly cynical and funny guy.