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Picture post

What is beer for?

That's a pretty serious penalty.

SP3 dreams...

Murtha certainly isn't alone but he is proving the old adage of "when buying and selling is controlled by the legislator, the first thing bought and sold are legislators."

I'll get you my pretty....

Photographic proof of water on Mars

Daily Roundup

Over in Turkey, they're rethinking Islam. Key quote: "This is kind of akin to the Christian Reformation,". This is something for which people on the right side of the argument here have been clamoring. While I have little hope this will gain any traction outside Turkey I would love to be proven wrong.

Proving that you cannot be on any side of the argument w/o having someone on your side that you really, really don't want. Here's a coveted endorsement. When asked for a response Mr. Obama was said, "Aw crap."

"As chips are progressively able to perform more calculations for less money, and in a package that's continually shrinking, Kurzweil told the GDC audience to look for the price-to-performance ratio of computers to improve a billionfold in the next 25 years. The devices will eventually become small enough, Kurzweil said, that scientists can create fake blood cell-size computers to perform the same functions of natural blood cells."