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Today's Rant

Please don't give me Admin responsibility for a system and then allow local users in remote locations to install servers and databases w/o my knowledge or permission and then expect me to rescue them when they totally fuck up the installation.

Please do not install multiple versions of the same software on the same box along with the DB you're trying to use AND other non-related apps and then wonder why the security repo and partitioning shit the bed.

Lastly, no I cannot and will not do this ASAP!!!!11 on a Friday.
Before Memorial Day Weekend.
@ 3:30 when I know the lot of you are leaving any minute.

Sorry pal, I'll see you Tuesday. Deal with it.

(apologies for salty language)

Damn You Global Warming MCMLXVI

Civil Liberties under assault.

It's Gonna Take Martial Law, Curfew Ain't Gonna Get It.

The refrain of the wailing moonbats has been that Chimpy Bu$hitler was going to shred the Constitution and institute marshal law. I thought they were nuts. Seems they were right and I was wrong. I don't think they expected it to come from one of the most solidly Blue cities in a very blue state.

more here.

Fred's watershed?

Fred's watershed?

He's one to watch that's to be sure. It's very likely he'll drop into the race at some point. Moreover, I expect he'll run an unconventional campaign that's as effective, if not more so, than his competitors. Will he win? I have no idea, we're a million years out from the caucuses but he's one of the few that makes the GOP base perk up and take notice.

Crazy Speech in Race For Tokyo Governor

I'd love to see this guy win if only for humor value.

Daily Roundup

IT Jargon Ugh. I hate every one of these except #5 which I find extremely efficient and frankly, essential. Try having a conversation about server topology without one. There's a fine line in there somewhere. I just don't know where.

When Nerds fall in love

Dubai Ports World deal bites us in the ass. I thought the row over DPW taking over the US ports was overblown and stupid. It was driven by small mindedness and cronyism. Varifrank shows why that deal falling apart is now finally reaping the whirlwind.

Brilliant. American Idol gets made year after year and there are guys like this who are not on TV. Explain that to me.

The burial of a Marine. He was a giant of a man. We are poorer with his passing.

There's a parade in the Pentagon every Friday. One that should be televised every week. I support the war but that war has a cost. If we don't show the cost that our men and women are paying we don't appreciate it. If seeing that cost means our will to fight…

More Green-standing

"I try to travel commercial as much as I can," he said.

So....there are times when one absolutely cannot fly commercial? How does that work exactly?

YouTube of the Day

Lions, Buffalo and Crocodiles.

Watch the whole thing. Simply amazing.