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My wife talks in her sleep. She doesn't think she does, but she does. Two examples:

It's 3:45 AM. I sound asleep. My wife starts shaking my shoulder and says: "I need a shirt. I don't have a shirt to wear."

Me: "you need one now? It's 3:45 AM why do you need a shirt?"

Wife: "I don't know...zzzzzzzz"


It's late (I don't know what time) Nature calls. I get up, in the dark and I'm in my typical nightime attire. (Yes, I was in the altogether, simmer down) I have one hand on the doorknob to the bathroom and my wife asks me in an incredulous voice:

"WHERE are you going?"

Me: "I thought I'd do some gardening."

Wife: "What!? What are you talking about"

Me: "Nothing. I have to pee. Go back to sleep"

My snarkiness almost caused a row there. Gotta watch that. Seems Sleeping Wife (TM) has a short temper.
My brother in law is a big NASCAR fan. He's always buying matchbox cars and such for the kids. He bought Connor the #18 car (driven by Bobby Labonte).
This morning, Connor shows Mommy the car and says; "do you know who drives this car Mommy?"
Mommy: "No, who?"
Connor: "Bobby the Bunny"

I love being a Dad.
Fidelis An Aesthetic Argument Against "Same Sex Marriage"

I think I hurt myself from laughing at this one. Read the whole thing. Now.

You still here? Git! Go read it. No, seriously, now. Go.
John Howard's Smackdown!

Can we please elect this man to something here? Hell, make him Undersecretary of State or Defense or something.

A tunnel has been found beneath the US/Canadian border. Whoever built this thing has some serious resources. The whole thing is reinforce w/ concrete. No wonder they watched it for 8 months. Drugs? People? I gravitate towards the former and the latter as a side business. Coyotes could very easily get someone across the border who ought not to be. I doubt we'll ever hear much more about this one.
Now, I'm a pretty tolerant guy. (I mean of other cultures, I do not suffer fools gladly) I work with a good many guys who are south Asian. I usually don't have a problem with names. Then, I saw this guy in the phone directory: Jegannathandhanaraj


We're gonna have to give him a nickname.
The first cracks in the seal of the hermit kingdom? Granted this is only for domestic links, but how far behind are links to China and beyond? Not very, I'd imagine.
Jihad Watch: Fitzgerald: Bomb Mecca?

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Proof that idiotarianism isn't exclusive to the left.
Oh, the places you'll go....

create your own personalized map of the USA
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Still trying to increase the red on both maps...
Submitted without comment as none is necessary.

USA WEEKEND Magazine: "'You can read our movie several ways,' says screenwriter David Koepp. 'It could be straight 9/11 paranoia. Or it could be about how U.S. military interventionism abroad is doomed by insurgency, just the way an alien invasion might be.' "
Proof that people from Philly are insane: Beer: Hop Devil: "The taste of HopDevil reminds me of a Bass Ale (which is 4.5% alcohol by volume), but with a softer finish."

Hop Devil IPA tastes like BASS? Seriously, man must have been on his 19th beer to say that.
Where's the Newt?

Even the NYT Op-Ed page is climbing down from the Plame story. Reading this one thing occured to me.

Could it be that Fitzgerald is protecting Plame? I had an epiphany when reading this article. Could Wilson have been citing a document he never saw (the forgeries) because he had seen it? If I have my facts straight, Wilson claims the names and dates were wrong on the invoice for the purchase of Uranium from Niger. He backed down later and said he never saw the forgery. He wasn't cleared to see it. His wife is an analyst in WMD proliferation. Just the kind of person who has access to such a document. Could she have shown it to him to bolster his case? He let it slip that he had seen it and realized that he would be incriminating his wife in a federal crime. Namely, showing classified information to someone who is not cleared.

This one is still murky, and I'm not sure about my speculation but it is possible. We'll have to see...

If there weren't a video, I'd be skeptical. Seriously, give this guy a medal. Fox News should be running this story endlessly. Since this doesn't fit the Abu Ghraib/Vietnam template, it will be discarded by the MSM. Sad sad sad.