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The Genius of Adam Carolla

Lessons From a Self Made Millionaire: Meet Adam Carolla - 5/16/2013: "“You shouldn't be eating anything that takes six minutes to microwave.”"

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For once David Axelrod is right!

Axelrod: ‘Impossible’ for Obama to have known about IRS targeting: "“Part of being president is there’s so much underneath you because the government is so vast,” he added. “You go through these [controversies] all because of this stuff that is impossible to know if you’re the president or working in the White House, and yet you’re responsible for it and it’s a difficult situation.”"

YES! This is what libertarians have been saying for years. The government is so vast and intrusive it is impossible to be managed well (if at all) and even the best of intentions can go very very wrong and the answer to all of it is smaller government. Less regulation and more liberty. Let California be California and let Utah be Utah. Push the 10th Amendment and make it count. Encourage California and Colorado's marijuana laws even if you don't agree with them for your state. It is about constraining the Feds to their proper federal role and not having them insert themselves in …