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Daily Roundup

I told you they were insane

So I locked myself out of my voicemail today. I called the helpdesk for a reset but they were swamped and asked me if they could call me back. I agreed. I walked away from my desk for a minute and heard the phone ringing when I came back. I missed the call but naturally....they left a voicemail. Some days I feel like I'm being drawn by Scott Adams.

Sean Hannity has lost his mind. I was in the car yesterday listening to him recant on virtually everything he's been saying for the last 8 years. Suddenly, drilling in ANWAR is a bad idea, Guantanamo Bay is a bad idea, we need to update Conservatism, John McCain is a good, honest guy, a wall on the border isn't the answer. On and on and on. He's either a naked partisan who's sucking down McCain flavored Kool Aid at record rates or he's literally lost his mind. Either way it's not good.

The win/win of the Democrat ticket: Hillary wins the nomination there's no way she win…

The many faces of Jesus

Technical Analysis of Jihadi encryption tools

Perhaps the title of the post is a misnomer. Intrepid infosec blogger Dancho gives a great analysis of the Global Islamic Media Front's boasting about their security toolset. See here and here for more. I confess to having missed this one entirely. I've not even heard of GIMF. However, as someone with a passing familiarity with encryption tools and network security, I can say that the key phrase in the article is this:

"If you perceive the Technical Mujahid magazine as a threat to the national security of any country, old issues of Phrack magazine must be giving you the nightmares."

I snarfed my Red Bull when I read that one. I used to be an avid reader of Phrack, 2600 and cDc's various white papers. In full nerd fashion, I went to HOPE twice and once even bamboozled my company into paying for it. At H2K one group emphatically decided I was an FBI agent and despite my protestations gave me a wide berth and breathlessly warned anyone I spoke to that I was a…

Adventures in sleep deprivation part III

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to hear my latest whine about being tired. Wah. I know. So here's the latest;

Friday came and went very very slowly. I was working on very tedious administrative duties at work (cleaning up user ID's on the security module. Just shoot me). I have to remember to put this off until I find myself unable to sleep again. It has to be an instant cure.

I did, however, get the Unexpected Urgent Support Call from a user. In England. I'm getting ahead of myself. First; some background. I was working from home on Friday as is normal and my wife had to go to a parent/teacher conference for #3 to discuss whether or not he's ready for Kindergarten (long story short, he is). The meeting was about 15 minutes and it was a 10 minute drive each way to the school. For those of you who are native to Delaware that'd be 10 + 10 + 15 = 35 minutes. For those 35 minutes I'd have to watch both kids. It's easy to watc…