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More conversations with Patrick.

For the uninitiated Patrick is an interesting character. He's a regular on a message board I frequent and an ardent libertarian. He's also a militantly pro-life vegan. He derides carnivores as "speciesist" and is equally hard on abortion proponents. He's very bright and also owns his own business if you believe what he says on the boards. (I do.)

Anyway, here's one of our exchanges. My repsonse is dashed off and I wish I had more time to talk about it but here goes:

How do liberals think? What goes on inside their minds? I've often wondered that.
I know what they want: abortion, racial quotas, multiculturalism, gay marriage, socialized medicine, big government, big taxes, suppression of religion, decrease in national sovereignty, political correctness, etc - but what motivates them? Why do they think the way they do? What would it seem like to be in the mind of a liberal?

I think you ascribe motives to them that wo…