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Tell me again....

Why is California broke?

Moving manzanita bush costs S.F. a small fortune
With the final bills in, the cost of moving the bush in January came to $175,000 - $140,000 to dig up and move the shrub, and $35,000 for "support" services from geological, botanical and climate experts in preparation for its new home in the Presidio less than a mile away.

That's it. I don't ever want to hear anything from California about their budget problems.

It can happen to you

Debrahlee Lorenzana sues Citibank saying she was fired from Citibank for being too hot

Tell me about it lady. Why do you think I was unemployed for so long? I'm tired of being just a piece of eye candy. Won't someone appreciate me for my mind?

Oh, the humanity...


10 Largest Homes in the United States

And two of them are in Delaware.  Suck it Rhode Island!

It's quiz time

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Crazed Lunatic Supports Fascist Murdering IDF

[He] defends Israel on flotilla raid

He said Israel has an "absolute right" to defend its security interests, according to a transcript Politico obtained of an interview that was to be broadcast Wednesday evening on the "Charlie Rose" show on Bloomberg TV.

"It's legitimate for Israel to say, 'I don't know what's on that ship. These guys are dropping eight -- 3,000 rockets on my people," [He] said.

The flotilla of six ships, loaded with assistance for the Gaza Strip's 1.5 million residents and aimed at breaching Israel's blockade of the strip, was organized in part by a Turkish group that has ties to Hamas, the terrorist group that controls Gaza.

Israel's raid before dawn Monday on the largest ship ended in bloodshed when passengers clashed with Israeli commandos. Nine passengers were killed, reportedly all Turks, and seven Israeli soldiers were injured. Israeli troops boarded and commandeered the five smaller ships without incide…

Rethinking the No Fly list

I've not mentioned the No Fly list before. Largely because it was overdiscussed and at the same time opaque. The list is secret. How you get on the list is secret and there isn't a mechanism for getting off of it. If anyone thinks this is a recipe for success I have not the inclination to discuss this with you. The idea of a No Fly list makes sense. We do know who some of the bad guys are and we should stop them before they get on planes. Government, being government, takes this simple and good idea and turns it into a bloated, bureaucratic unusable mess. So I ignored the story. What else is there to say.

Now I think I've changed my mind. I've finally found a story where the list worked perfectly.

Scared teen calls police to stop arranged marriage

She was going to be forced to marry someone she didn't want to and the only way to stop it was to call an have herself put on the No Fly list. Brilliant. I have a sinking suspicion that unless authorities k…

Word of the day


I want to make a movie about the German national spelling bee.


10 Things Guys Don't Get About Women

My first thought was, "only ten"?

So I made a list:

1. What's with the shoes? How many pairs can you have? Is there some upper bound number where a woman will say "Whoa, I think I have too many shoes"?

2. Why do you like to talk on the phone so much? I really don't have anything interesting to say and even if I did, I'll wait until I see you. I only talk to people on the phone to convey information. If I could just email everybody all the time I'd probably do that and be happy.

3. Why can you not understand that sometimes men want to be left alone and no, it has nothing to do with you?

4. Why do you constantly lie to us? When we ask you what's wrong, you invariably say "nothing". If we believe you that makes things worse. Instead we're expected to either be mind readers and somehow know what the problem is or take an inventory of everything we've done in the past four weeks to dete…

Motes and Beams and all that

The Left is getting the vapors over the "peace activists" who attacked IDF soldiers attempting to board their ship who were subsequently killed.

First, let's take a look at the video of the IDF boarding the ship:

Those "peace activists" started their peace negotiations when this guy was still on the rope on the way down. They also tried to show him how nice the water was this time of year. They picked a fight and lost. Simple.

But they were in international waters! Maybe but that's does not mean they're in some sort of "safe zone" or something. It means that international maritime law applies not national law. To wit:

67. Merchant vessels flying the flag of neutral States may not be attacked unless they:

(a) are believed on reasonable grounds to be carrying contraband or breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refuse to stop, or intentionally and clearly resist visit, search or capture;
(b) engage in bell…

You first

Congressional candidate wants drug tests for college students | St. Louis Globe-Democrat
A congressional candidate wants to introduce legislation that would require colleges to randomly test students for illegal use of the prescription drug Adderall.

Sure, I'll agree to that once you have mandatory drug testing for Congress. All of them.

A bleg (again)

This one is for the lurkers.  I know you're there I see you on the FeedJit.  Just help me out here.  I feel like some guy on shouting off his back porch and annoying the neighbors.  If you're a regular (or even semi-regular) reader please let me know.  Sign in as Anon if you wish, just let me know two things: 
1.   You visit more than once and
2.  What you come here for.  That is, what posts do you like/dislike. 

I feel like I'm all over the place here and am trying to point this blog in a direction.  I tend to do the "news of the day" thing with a minimum of commentary but it's ringing hollow for me.  Not that I'm not interested but there are many others who do it far better than I do and with much greater ease.  I link to stories that I think are interesting and newsworthy but I don't really seem to delve into the issue.  I'm on the fence here about the point of it all.  I started this blog a few years ago in the hopes of sparking a conversation…

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Seeing a fallen soldier home
"This young man gave his life for our country, can't any of you give your seats so his family can get home?"

Some do remember

Memorial Day

Remember all those who served.  Remember all those who sacrificed that you might be free.