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Reports of my demise were only slightly exaggerated. I was felled by an extremely nasty flu virus that dutifully wiped out the entire household at once. I was lucky enough to get it last. Which means I've been playing nurse to Mom and the boys the better part of a week. I had no idea a four year old could hold such a volume of bile and semi-digested food in his stomach. Really quite remarkable. This explains why every single item of bedding in the house has to be washed. I'm staring at a mountain of laundry that reminds me of that scene from Johnny Dangerously where his Mom is doing all the laundry in the neighborhood. I've been taking copious amounts of DayQuil, NyQuil, Mid-morningQuil, AfterlunchQuil, and so on. This has abated many of the symptoms but I'm still as congested as Michael Moore's arteries. Tonight I think I'll use the tried and true Irish solution of whiskey in quantity.
IRAQ THE MODEL gives the lowdown on how the terrorists are being shown for their true colors. They are nominally Muslim but mostly just mercenaries who care nothing for whom they kill, only for the money they make. They wrap themselves in the guise of a Holy Warrior because it makes them more comfortable with their barbarity and makes solicitation of funding easier. Liberals would have us believe the "resistance" or "insurgency" is against the occupiers and infidels but the interview shows their indiscriminance in targeting. This is the story the MSM will never show. It doesn't fit the "quagmire" template and thus, is discarded.
Adventures in Dubai: Middle East Democracy

Keefieboy has been posting political of late. My rejoinder to his post was posted in the comments and I've copied them here to prove that I do sometimes write something.

Um...where to begin? Democracy is "not that great"? Really? What of Winston's axiom that it's the "worst form of government except for all the others"? What format is better?

The people of the US voted for Bush. He was duly elected as it was the will of the electorate. Why does that undermine democracy? Because you don't agree with him?

You also ascribe to the Patriot Act the fact that people are being held without charges being filed. Why? The two are not connected. The ruling regarding the Gitmo prisoners was based on Constitutional and International law. Those being held there have no standing before either. They were not protected by Geneva conventions as they violated many rules of war. They are not bound by US law be…
The eye doctor never saw it coming

Mark Steyn smacks it out of the park again. He is consistently the funniest and most accurate pundit around. This one is a must read.
Independent News

Was Bush Right Afterall?

Instapundit says it's too early for gloating and all this could come crashing down like a house of cards but I'm going to gloat anyway. I love it. I love seeing the Scowcroftian "stability" model dashed on the rocks of democracy and liberalization. I love it. I love it. I love it. John Stewart has been the only lefty who admits his head may implode if, in fact, Bush was right and invading Iraq (for whatever reason/pretense) results in a reverse-domino effect across the middle east. I'm simply gobsmacked by the scope and pace of change around the globe. I never thought I'd see the things I'm seeing now.