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A surprise to no one...

Libertarian - You believe that the main use for
government is for some people to lord it over
others at their expense. You maintain that the
government should be as small as possible, and
that civil liberties, "victimless
crimes", and gun ownership should be basic
rights. You probably are OK with capitalism.
Your historical role model is Thomas Jefferson.

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Well. The EU has been blasting the US for "extraordinary rendition" of terrorists and other assorted bad guys. However, seems it's OK for them. I'm not surprised by this, but that doesn't mean it doesn't bother me. Call my cynical but it's part of the way the game is played. You tell your electorate one thing and do another behind closed doors. It's the way of the world. Here, the Democrats are ripping the President left, right and sideways on Iraq. Behind closed doors, they know damn well that we cannot lose this one. They need to throw red meat to the base. This is not a phenomena unique to the Democrats. Bush did the same thing with the Harriet Meyers nomination. I wouldn't put her on a school board, let alone the USSC. However, she had cred with Dobson et al. and that made her valueable.

Things will always be this way, it can be no other. Anyone direct and openly honest is unelectable. Hemming and hawing is how you win large s…