50 questions about sprirtual growth

1. Have you spent time in silence today, meditating, journaling, praying, or writing morning pages?


2. Have you in the last 10 days called or visited, a grandparent, parent, aunt or uncle?


3. Have you in the last month left an extra large tip for someone?


4. Have you spent time playing, laughing, and smiling in the last three days?


5. Have you planned a vacation or play date with the people closest to you in the last six months?


6. Have you sent a hand written note to someone you take for granted in the last 60 days?

No. If I did they wouldn't be able to read it.

7. Have you looked around and expressed deep gratitude for everything around you in the past week?

Yes. Every day.

8. Have you forgiven yourself for making a mistake or the wrong choice in the last 10 days?

No. I'm Catholic so guilt is part of the package.

9. Have you forgiven your parents or other care takers for their poor choices in your life time?


10. Have you called an old friend to connect in the last 30 days?


11. Have you sat with a trusted friend/coach/therapist in the last 90 days and poured your heart out?

Meh. I complain to my wife. Does that count?

12. Have you asked for what you want lately?

I don't ask questions that I know are going to result in a firm no.

13. Have you read a book from cover to cover in the last two weeks?


14. Have you looked in someone's eyes and said, "I love you" in the last seven days?


15. Have you paid someone a compliment today?

No, but it's early yet.

16. Have you decided what your life will look like five years from now?

I don't even know this year holds.

17. Have you praised a child or young adult in the last 24 hours?


18. Have you unexpectedly picked up the tab in the last month?

Since I haven't gone out w/ anyone this question is moot.

19. Have you stopped to smell a flower in a garden in the last year?

I don't have a garden.

20. Have you been spontaneous in the last five days?

Every day is me reacting to events. Does that count?

21. Have you spent an afternoon daydreaming in the last 7 days?

This question is laughable.

22. Have you helped out a neighbor in the last 2 months?


23. Have you sent someone flowers in the last 3 months?

No. Flowers are for funerals.

24. Have you surprised someone with a visit in the last 30 days?

Yes but I'm not sure it was a pleasant surprise.

25. Have you saved any money since January 1st, 2011?

Certainly not. That's unamerican.

26. Have you asked for what you wanted today?

See question 12.

27. Have you eaten more vegetables and fruits in the last 24 hours?

More than what?

28. Have you uncluttered your home in the last year?

Yes but it's still cluttered.

29. Have you read a book to a child in the last four months?


30. Have you volunteered your time in the last 90 days?

No. I don't have time for daily obligations for my own offspring let alone strangers.

31. Have you in the last 21 days changed a bad habit?


32. Have you in the last week recognized someone cooperating with you?


33. Have you spent quality time with your loved ones in the last 48 hours?


34. Have you told someone what you will do to improve your relationship in the last 14 days?


35. Have you donated money to a good cause in the last 2 months?


36. Have you made out your will yet?

No for reasons that are too complicated to list here.

37. Have you spent a weekend alone in the last year?

Surely you're joking.

38. Have you in the last month really listened to someone?

I'm sorry, what did you say?

39. Have you spent time in nature over the last week?

I drove through much of it on the way to work this morning.

40. Have you spent in the last year a full-day taking a personal inventory of your character defects?

No but it would take more than a day. Actually I'm well aware of my character defects.

41. Have you disconnected from all electronics for at least 24 hours in the last month?

No but we did have a power outage for a few hours last week.

42. Have you spent time creating something new that has nothing to do with work in the last 4 weeks?


43. Have you expressed your feelings honestly and appropriately to a loved one in the last 5 days?


44. Have you held self-love in your heart in the last 12 hours?

I don't even know what this means.

45. Have you released an unhealthy attachment to a person in the last 6 months?

No as I don't have any unhealthy attachments.

46. Have you expressed compassion to someone in pain in the last 2 weeks?


47. Have you appreciated yourself in the last 24 hours?

No. How is that done?

48. Have you decided what you want to experience today?

Well I'm at work so I don't have a lot of choices. (In fact I shouldn't even be doing this)

49. Have you experienced joy in the last 24 hours?

In small doses, yes.

50. Have you experienced inner peace in the last 24 hours?

What am I Buddha?


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