Cheerwine meets the Krispy Kreme

Cheerwine meets the Krispy Kreme

This abomination couldn't be any more Carolina unless it was shaped like Charlotte Motor Speedway and topped with pulled pork BBQ.

Krispy Kreme is meh. I never understood the mania around them. They're donuts and super super sweet at that. Cheerwine is the local cherry flavor soda. It is also poisonous to anyone who is not born and raised on it. Think of it as Carolina's answer to Vernors or Moxie . (Bonus points for anyone who's had all three) It's red, it's fizzy and very sweet. Cloyingly so. Now the idea that they've put two of the sweetest items ever created into one unholy alliance gets me this close to a diabetic coma just reading about it.

Put this a the top of my FOOD TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS list.


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