A bleg (again)

This one is for the lurkers.  I know you're there I see you on the FeedJit.  Just help me out here.  I feel like some guy on shouting off his back porch and annoying the neighbors.  If you're a regular (or even semi-regular) reader please let me know.  Sign in as Anon if you wish, just let me know two things: 
1.   You visit more than once and
2.  What you come here for.  That is, what posts do you like/dislike. 

I feel like I'm all over the place here and am trying to point this blog in a direction.  I tend to do the "news of the day" thing with a minimum of commentary but it's ringing hollow for me.  Not that I'm not interested but there are many others who do it far better than I do and with much greater ease.  I link to stories that I think are interesting and newsworthy but I don't really seem to delve into the issue.  I'm on the fence here about the point of it all.  I started this blog a few years ago in the hopes of sparking a conversation esp. w/ people who disagree with me.  I want to create a place where reasonable, rational people can talk about an issue without descending into name calling, vitriol and Godwin law violations.  There once were two blogs in DE on the left where that was happening but now one is gone and the other has become so rabidly partisan that it's not worth going there any more.  It's frustrating.

I have blogged about my personal life but frankly, I can't think of anything that comes off either more boring or whining.  If you've been here before you know the drill.  "Woe Is Me" I cry and then drop the subject for a while and then pick it back up again when I get tired/angry or whatever. 

Just looking for some guidance here.




Paul Smith Jr. said…
Blog about whatever you feel like blogging about. You're a fairly unique perspective and it's interesting to see what you'll talk about/

(Although to be honest, I usually skip the racing posts.)
I second Paul. If you blogged about what I told you to, then it wouldn't be your blog anymore. I don't always agree or disagree with you and you host a good conversation.

Oh and I don't find your family life to be particularly boring or whiny.

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