Cardinal covers for criminals again

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony lambasted legislation passed Monday by Arizona lawmakers that would crack down on illegal immigrants, likening it to "German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques" that compelled people to turn each other in.

Will all due respect to the Cardinal.  We already know you don't like turning criminals over to the police.  We've seen it for decades.  You obfuscated, prevaricated and worse when you had monsters working for you and along side you.  You knew it and didn't turn them in to the police why would we think for a moment you'd bother with something to trivial as border hopping? 

Please spare me.  One more year until he retires.  I pray the Pope appoints somebody like Saltarelli.  California needs him.


Paul Smith Jr. said…
They've already announced Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio will replace Mahony. I don't know much about him, but he's gotten rave reviews from people whose opinions I've come to trust. (Link to announcement)
Duffy said…
Thanks for the link Paul!

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