Read his lips

Several items of note carried virtually everywhere else. First, Obama's spokesman takes the heat for Teh 0ne breaking his oft repeated campaign promise not to raise taxes on the middle class:

Liberal blogs are completely ignoring this one because:

1. It hasn't happened yet (fair enough)
2. No criticism of Obama is permissable.

Similarly, Axelrod made the rounds with the same message:

No embed, video here. This one is good because it includes The Man Himself making said pledge.

This is just the latest of many broken promises. The crushing moral urgency of closing Guantanamo? The crushing moral urgency of ending "Don't ask, don't tell". The hints and winks and nods that he'd reverse DOMA. Well, no. That one, at least, was made clear in the debates. He specifically said he wouldn't do anything for gays who wanted to get married. He merely hinted and implied that it was important and would, therefore magically change somehow.

I'm most bothered by the tax issue for two reason both of them selfish. The other ones don't affect me directly and given the state of the economy, they are very minor in comparison.

All of this speaks to his character. I know we're not supposed to talk about character. It's not supposed to matter, but it does. Obama has a fair amount of sociopathy. He makes promises that he probably means at the time but in reality he knows he can't or won't keep. He won't say that because he's trying to get elected and when that's happening it's more important the We All Get Along(tm).

At the dark heart of the Democrat party is this:

Get it? The editor of the video missed the most important line: "We control our means." That is, we can confiscate any amount of wealth, income or property we want for whatever means we want. That is precisely the sort of person I want drummed out of office, discredited and ridiculed. It is the perfect opposite of what I believe government should be. It should be limited in scope and should have a damn good reason for taking money out of our pockets. Like the man said: "when they want to raise taxes all they talk about is policemen and firemen and teachers, but when it’s time to spend the money it goes for a leather chair in some office downtown you’ve never heard of"

Those of us who voted against Obama, shrug our shoulders without a shred of surprise. What of those of you who voted for him? What has he done to keep your support? Some had metatags for Bush's Trillion Dollar War. It least it took him 7 years to spend that much. Barry is outspending him in the first 143 days. Where is the outrage now?


The crushing moral urgency of ending "Don't ask, don't tell".

It's looking like he's actually going to do this under the color of retaining "mission critical specialists."

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