This got me thinking...

House of Eratosthenes has a piece that points out some warning signs to look for when it comes to women. They're all correct if not comprehensive.

I was talking to Mrs. Duffy over the weekend about a similar subject. When Did You Know I Was The One?

Something like this:

Duffy: I know it was on our first date, but when, exactly, on our first date did you know I was "the one"?

Mrs. Duffy: You're funny.

Duffy: No, seriously, was there anything in particular?

Mrs. Duffy: Well, I'd have to say when I first saw you with your cousin's child. (He was about 4 at the time) I knew you'd make a good Dad and women really like that kind of thing

Duffy: Really? (I was honestly touched)

We drove in silence for a moment. I was thinking and she was waiting for me to explain exactly when I knew she was The One. I decided to torment her, of course, and say nothing.

Mrs. Duffy: Well?

Duffy: Well what?

Mrs. Duffy: *sigh* When did you know I was the one?

Duffy: Oh, that's easy. When I dropped by your apartment one Saturday and you were home alone. You said; "C'mon in, I'm just watching the (football) game." Any women who watches football of her own volition is a keeper.


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