Private or Public School for the Obamas?

Private or Public School for the Obamas?

They're going private. That anyone thinks this is anything other than guaranteed is not dealing with reality. They'll cite "security concerns" or some crap. But the truth is they know how awful DC public schools are.

I will not listen to a single word against vouchers or charter schools from people who do not send their kids to public schools. That goes double for teachers of public schools and triple for anyone in elected office.


Mike W. said…
Sarah Palin's kids go to public school.
AJ Lynch said…
Teachers and their unions are (collectively) stupid.

The average teacher would make more money if there was more than one employer competing for their services. And there would be moe than one large employer if vouchers were widespread.

Cripes even I remember that in Economics 101. It's too bad the union leaders on average are lazy, dumb and greedy. I say that as the son of two union teachers and as a former Teamster.
knowitall said…
It should be public, since that's all the left-wing illuminati talk about fixing. But it's not.

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