Portman group saves the day.

Citizens of Scotland may rest easy tonight. They have once again been saved from the tyranny of beer with scary names.

Heretofore, Scotsmen were cowering in terror at the sight of a beer labeled (brace yourself) Skullsplitter.

The Portman Group has also made a provisional ruling against Skull Splitter, a beer produced for 20 years by the Orkney Brewery and named after Thorfinn Hausakluif, the seventh Viking earl of Orkney, who had that nickname. It was decided the phrase was associated with violence and also could be a reference to its effect on the drinker's head.

Twenty years of horror finally undone. Well done Portman Group! Scotsmen look forward to your next effort; the abolition of haggis.


Anonymous said…
No! Don't get rid of haggis!!!!!

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