Notes in brief

I know I said no politics but this is more about news than politics:

Al Gore for Secretary of State?

You could do worse. He's a far sight better than John "Magic Hat" Kerry would be.

Michael Steele for GOP chair? Heck yes! Better him than Newt. They need some new blood in there. Newt is a shrewd operator and there's absolutely room for him somewhere just not the public face of the GOP.

No audit for Obama campaign?
Very bad news. This sets a dangerous precedent and sends the message that even if you win with illegal contributions you won't be blamed.

Bluster and bluff from Iran
. They're sending a message that they're still important and still a player. They also saw the US mucking about in Syria and Pakistan and are getting nervous. Even with President Hope-n-Change waiting in the wings US foreign policy's guiding force has always been momentum and Mr. O isn't going to do a 180 on anything despite promises to the contrary.


road warrior said…
I am not sure about the Al Gore comment. There might be a few as bad but worse? Gore is pretty bad.

But i agree with you on the Mr. O and his lack of follow through. I think the liberal illuminati have promised a lot of change and given a lot of hope but i, like you have my doubts. I guess we will see.
Duffy said…
Meh. Gore is all global wormening these days but he did have a brush with sanity early in his VP career. Perhaps it's still there. As crazy as he is about Republicans being bad guys he'd be OK wrt foreign policy. At least it's not Biden.

"liberal illuminati"
You use this frequently. Is it shorthand for liberal elites or meant to convey some sort of grand conspiracy?
knowitall said…
The left-wing illuminati snubbed Gore, and chose Hillary, because they somehow feel they are getting two for one with her and Bill.

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