No it's not 4:20

Obama on Drugs: Should reformers dare to hope?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Ha Ha! No.

I'll say it again. Obama has a long list of things he wants to do and start strong. He's not going to do this in the beginning. Or the middle, or even the end. He'll hem and haw and then discover Federalism and he'll leave it to the States. (The USSC won't seem to leave it to the States however. So his point will be moot.)


Jules said…

I do agree he won't touch it.
Duffy said…
Welcome Jules! To the sidebar with you!
Brian Shields said…
It is now! HAHAHA toke it up!
knowitall said…
He and the left-wing illuminati have a lot of hope, that will go nowhere. Especially when they get in and see the mess face to face.

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