The miracle machine

The miracle machine that turns cheap plonk into vintage wine. While the title of the article might be overstating even the inventors claims it is interesting. Can we artificially age wine? There is some evidence that vibration = aging. In Dubai they are building The Palm. They use a machine to vibrate the sand to compact it. It has the effect of decades of compacting of the sand making it less subject to erosion and better able to support infrastructure. The inventor claims the same works for not just wine but orange juice and scotch. This could be very big news. I wouldn't recommend trying it on say, beer but it seems plausible. I'll wager Wine Spectator is going to have a field day with this one. It would be a boon to restauranteurs. They could have a unlabeled house brand that has be magicified into shakey goodness. Hell, I'd probably buy one but not for $500 bucks. Move them down to $100 or even $150 and it's a solid investment if it works as advertised.


Anonymous said…
sounds like something mike castle would never buy. we need beach erosion to keep people in business!
Duffy said…
Sad but true. I do suspect he'd buy one for his wine though...

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