Hey Hube?

You may want to read this one


Hube said…
Duff: Got prompted to log in and I don't have an account. Fill me in, bro.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Hube: Stretching before exercise = bad.

I had read this too. In my days of being in shape, I found on my own that stretching prior to exercise didn't work for me, so I've always stretched after. (The exception being if I am intending to be running. In that case, I stretch before and after, or I will pull something.)
Hube said…
I've heard that numerous times from many many people. However, when I do it (or don't do it, actually), I hurt a LOT more afterwards.
Duffy said…
More to the point it talks about HOW you should stretch. That is, static stretching where you pull and hold is not good. That actually makes things worse. They recommend swingy type stretching.

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