Do they have openings on Monster?

"News of the hijacking lifted global crude prices above $58 a barrel - meaning that the content of the vessel could be worth up to $116million on the open market."

Hmm...Piracy seems to be far more lucrative than 'puter stuff. Maybe I'll change careers.

Pro: lucrative
Con: Have to live in Somalia
Pro: No more office job
Con: Unlikely to offer benefits plan
Pro: Get to put "pirate" on my resume
Con: transitioning back to traditional career probably difficult
Pro: get to carry cool guns
Con: US Navy very good marksmen
Pro: Sat phones and Sat nav.
Con: Commuting to work

Readers are invited to add other pro/con in the comments


mkfreeberg said…
Years and years ago I had a job as a network engineer, working in a group of about 15 people with similar backgrounds. We were on "on-call" rotation, so everyone got to spend seven days of hell.

There was no budget for everyone to get a laptop, so there was an "on-call laptop." (There was also an on-call mobile phone. A *big* one. But that's another story.)

One Friday, I had a very bad week. So I saved this text file in the root of the C: drive on the on-call laptop, don't remember the name of it but it was "Twenty-five reasons why I should quit my job and become a goat farmer." Lots of whiny, annoying references to the inconveniences of on-call network troubleshooting. All goats are Y2K compliant...ethernet goats don't care if they're penned up next to token-ring goats...if a goat "crashes" at one in the morning, nobody cares...

Fourteen weeks later, it was my turn to be on-call again.

I got the laptop.

The text file was still there.

It was called "Ninety reasons why I should quit my job and become a goat farmer."

Next time I got the laptop, it swelled to 130 or so.

It went up past 300 before I lost track of what happened to that laptop.

Pirate? Aaaarghh...
road warrior said…
How do you sell oil on the black market? that's what i want to know. Do you think maybe this is the real plan Obama and the liberal illuminati have to lower our gas prices and do the "alternative" energy thing... steal oil! Sweet!
Duffy said…
MKF: Ha! Awesome. I, too, am old enough to remember laptops being very rare, very heavy and very very expensive.

RW: Find a refiner who's willing to take it I suppose. If I knew I surely wouldn't be whining about not having a job. I'd be singing Somali sea shantys and riding the high seas.
knowitall said…
These prices will go back up, guaranteed. The left-wing illuminati have no intention on drilling, and we need it.

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