Bringing the Crazy

Lew Rockwell is my favorite bunch of crazies (sorry DelawareLiberal). Mostly because they're a humorless lot who are also unintentionally hilarious. They see statism and oppression everywhere. As proof this article unloads 19 tons of crazy-awesome. Excerpt:

Pom-Poms and Prisons: The Powerful Statism of Disney’s High School Musical: "Though catchy and engaging, HSM packs the punch of the WWII propaganda films. Do yourself and your family a favor and skip out on this statist school system pep rally."

Yes HSM3 not merely innocent dopey tweener fare. Nay nay! This is very clever propaganda. I suppose the writers weren't merely turning out dreck, they were subverting the masses. I wish I could make this stuff up.


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