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OK, I've been seeing serious performance drain of late on my aging PC. I've cleaned the hard drive and registry which seemed to help but mostly the lag is for the interweb. It's plugged into the modem directly so it's not a question of a crappy wireless connection. Is it possible that my modem itself is the problem? (PC is several hundred years old and modem is standard crap given to you when you sign up from Evil Incorporated Comcast.)


Paul Smith Jr. said…
Well, it could still be a number of non-modem issues:

1) Cable internet is a shared connection so if you've got a lot of people near you using it also (especially if they're heavy users) your performance will suffer.
2) Your cable line could have an issue. That happened to me a little while ago.
3) Get your cable modem as close to where the line enters the house as possible. My performance used to be a lot worse so now I have it split immediately after the line enters the house and performance is better.
4) Make sure you're using a high-speed splitter. That makes a difference as well.
5) Try this test and see how it rates you:
6) You can always call Comcast Customer service and have them test the connection remotely.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Another thing to try: change your DNS servers. Go here to learn how to stop using Comcast's comparatively slow DNS servers.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Try this link instead. I coped from the the wrong page in the path.

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