Obama: McCain Scoring 'Cheap Political Points'

ABC News: Obama: McCain Scoring "Cheap Political Points": "'I'll repeat again what I've said many times. This is a guy who engaged in some despicable acts 40 years ago when I was eight years old. By the time I met him, 10 or 15 years ago, he was a college professor of education at the University of Illinois . . . And the notion that somehow he has been involved in my campaign, that he is an adviser of mine, that . . . I've 'palled around with a terrorist', all these statements are made simply to try to score cheap political points.'"

1. He has never recanted, repented or expressed any form of regret whatsoever for his actions
2. He has not changed his beliefs from that day to this one.
3. No one has made any accusation (that I know of) that Ayers is involved with his campaign
4. He has known and associated with Ayers for many years. Suggestions of a passing relationship with Ayers are fundamentally dishonest.


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