Things I learned this week

Hillary Clinton, champion of women and children, will not defend a 17 year old girl from the most vile smears from her own party.

Running for President is sufficient qualification for being President. Being governor of the largest state is not.

Sex is a private thing but only if you're a Democrat.

A 17 year old girl is a mature woman capable of deciding to have an abortion but a child who will need her mother around full time if she chooses to have the baby.

Obama's cannot even convince his own supporters to act with civility toward the Palins yet he will be able to somehow bend Putin and the mullahs in Iran to his will.

Democrats are progressive, liberal and believe in gender equality. They also believe that a mother's place is at home with her newborn not in some office somewhere. But a father with newly orphaned children should hop on a train and go to work out of state.

Only Republicans take attractive women seriously.

It is morally wrong to do something you believe is wrong even if your opponent believes it is right. Unless, that is, you're talking about the sex lives of Republicans and their progeny.

Obama represents change. This is best illustrated by coming from the most entrenched, politically corrupt city in the nation and choosing a 36 year incumbent Senator who's son's are politicians and lobbyists.

Sleeping with a campaign staffer while your wife dies of cancer is a family matter. Driving 97 MPH is a family matter. Drug possession is a family matter. (At least he was driving a hybrid). Throwing a beer bottle at a police officer and then threatening them is a family matter. Getting pregnant while unmarried and in High School is not.

Palin's patriotism is questionable for speaking to the Alaska Independence Party.
Obama's pledge to support for independence for Hawaii when he's President is not.

Bristol Palin's pregnancy is evidence that abstinence education is an abject failure. The millions of teen mothers who were taught about condoms and the pill are not indicative of the failures of that program.

"I am my brother's keeper" apparently means keeping your brother in squalor in Africa.


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