The Surge

Delaware Watch has been cheerleading the failure of the surge for over a year now.

On Monday we handed over Al Anbar province to the Iraqis. Yes, the province that was the heart of the insurgency is now under Iraqi control.

Delaware Liberal is no better. They track very closely with Dana on their doomsaying.

Now that even their own candidate has put this myth to rest, they offer no corrections, no climbdown, no explanation, no retraction. Nothing.

They are not interested in honesty, only victory and denigration of their political opponents. To my reckoning there is but one liberal in the DE blogosphere who is even remotely interested in intellectual honesty. I sincerely hope he holds fast.

My main point here is not to bash either DL or DW. Rather to point out that if they are well and truly interested in the truth it would behoove them to recognize it even if (especially if) it means they were wrong.


kavips said…
Thanks for the high praise, I think. But "intellectual honesty" is a very relative term, and not doubt, I will one day transgress the line.

Just be assured that when i do, it is only because i do not know better.... lol

As I said, "it's relative."

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