Damn You Global Warming!

It snowed in Kenya.

Was Al Gore heading to Kenya?


Joe M said…
Global warming detractors need to understand that unusual cold weather in one area is not proof against global warming.

When seas are getting warmer and warmer and ice caps are melting at increased rates, that is actual proof for global warming. Why? Because the seas cover 2/3 of our planet, and if they're getting warmer, chances are the other 1/3 of the planet will be affected, too. The ice caps, the coldest regions of our planet, are showing a trend of warming and melting. Why is this more poignant than Kenya? Because the ice cap region does not see the same weather fluctuations as regions to the south because of the tilt of the earth. When that changes, something big is going on.

Educate yourself on global warming, because if you think it's simple weather, then you've not studied on it enough.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Duff, remember the rules: anecdotal evidence can be used to support global warming, never to contradict it.

Note for the humor-impaired: I believe in global warming. I'm just bothered by the militant attitude used against dissenters by the party of open-mindedness.
Joe M said…
Well, your chance to respond to a moderate, evidence-based view is above Paul.

Have at it.
Duffy said…
Joe: I know. This is completely tongue in cheek. It's a snarky rejoinder to the people who tell me that "It's hot today. Must be global warming" or some such. See also moronic news stories about sea levels rising in the South Pacific but Manhattan seems to be fine.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Joe, so my statement that global warming is real isn't evidence based?
Joe M said…
Whoops, sorry Paul. Misread the comment. I have to stop posting before the second cup of coffee.

However, while I don't like it either, a militant attitude is understandable considering the gravity of the situation.

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