The Myth of the "Big Tent"

Republicans have prided themselves of late of being the "big tent" party. That is, room for many ideas that may not be in line with current orthodoxy. They've watched the Nutroots crowd take (or at least appear to take) control over the Democrat party. The fight with the DLC has been significant and for Republicans it's like watching a revolution eat it's own children.

After all their crowing, they're now turning their own newly sharpened knives on members of their own party. Ron Paul has been singled out. He is gone down the memory hole on Red State. This combined with an effort to kick him out of the party. Purportedly it's because of his anti-war stance. That alone makes him persona non grata. Rather than saying he's wrong about that one thing and right about everything else, they'd rather shut him out or shut him up. Why? I think the answer is obvious.


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