Daily Roundup

Parking in your apartment. It was inevitable. Would have been more useful when Dinkins was Mayor. Personally, I think this is brilliant and hope it catches on. One of the few funny things Paul Riser ever said was "I never meant to move to L.A., I was just circling Manhattan looking for a place to park".

Bush had reportedly warned Hillary et al. not to get too far out on a limb vis a vis Iraq but Michael Barone believes they have.

FBI agent elicits false confession (and therefore suborns perjury) by threatening to have a man's family tortured. Lefties will inevitably blame Bush but this is not a new problem and doesn't start (or end) with Bush being president. It has to do with the eternal over-reach of government that is ever expanding is scope.

Liberal Media Bias in it's embryonic larval stage.

Watch Paul Krugman get mocked and reviewed simultaneously.

There is no man made global warming. That has to be true. If not, why would Ted Kennedy kill wind power in Massachusetts? I will believe there is an environmental crises when those who are barking about it start acting like there is one.

Gay Vatican bombshell? If he has the dossier he claims, he's a very cagey man. He must have been warned in the past and decided to create a poison pill. Typically, these things go one of two ways. If his threat is genuine and credible, he will be quietly reinstated and reassigned after the dust has died down. If not, look for a fight and the dossier (if it exists) goes public and the recriminations begin. Either way, this isn't going to end well for anyone.


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