Friday Quick Notes

"Too Many Jews" To comment any further on this quote would require me to violate Godwin's law.

California Latinos fearful after immigration raids. Well, yes. That's we've been on about since, oh, 1986 or so. Headline could easily be retitled: "Criminals fearful after police crackdown".

Is this new? I really hope not. We should have been killing them from the beginning. It's all well and good that we're rebuilding things over there but we really ought to be killing many more terrorists than are.

Some poignant political cartoons about our march towards totalitarianism

Does Anyone Else Detect a Trend? asks BlackFive. I'm not sure what to make of it either but there has been a noticeable bump in positive reports out of Iraq. I'm reticent to draw any conclusions.

"The more we play God or try to improve on Mother Nature, the more damage we are doing with all kinds of experiments that... turn into nightmares." Another quote from anti-science fundamentalists.


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