The Worst Beers In The World. It is with no pride whatsoever that I list the one's I've had below:

Rank Beer Score
1 Busch NA 0.88
6 Michelob Ultra 0.98
7 ODouls 0.98
10 Olde English 800 3.2 0.99
13 Natural Light 1.05
17 Natural Ice 1.06
28 Milwaukees Best 1.11
32 Busch Ice 1.14
35 Cave Creek Chili Beer 1.15
46 Schlitz Red Bull 1.18
48 Bud Light 1.19

I protest. where is Natty Bo? Where is Shaefer? Where is Black Label? Shenanigans! I declare Shenanigans!


Paul Smith Jr. said…
Where's Iron City? I had one once. Once, Johnny.

I had one and my stomach was torn up all night.
ColossusHube said…
Old Milwaukee? Come on!!
Anonymous said…
shameless thievery....consider it an honor!
Duffy said…
Paul, Iron City is a nickname for Pittsburgh (like "Steelers"). Stuff is nasty.

Hube, read 'em and weep pal. The Beast is one nasty brew. There's a reason I drank it by the case in college. It was cheap and after a few of them you can't taste much anymore.

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