Why we need federalism

What do you do when the Federal government will not enforce federal law and your hands are tied by jurisdiction?

Roswell's police chief faxes lists of suspected illegal inmates to U.S. officials every day, for the most part a gesture ignored.

The north Fulton city of 100,000 has faxed the booking sheets of 1,396 detainees to ICE in the past nine months alone, according to police department records. Immigration agents have picked up three of them, Williams said, or one out of every 465.
Once, an immigration official called to say the police department was wasting its time with the daily faxes, Williams said. So the jailers quit. When the chief found out, he went ballistic. "I said 'You will continue,' " Williams recalled. "I don't care if they just throw it away. It's my fax paper."

Emphasis mine.

Can someone, anyone explain to me why federal authorities are vigorously prosecuting glaucoma patients who smoke weed but ignore ICE officials who simply do not do their job?

What is their defense? Why doesn't ICE pick these guys up?

Overwhelmed immigration agents say they only have time to deport the worst of the worst — terrorists, murderers and violent gang members. "It's a simple question of priorities," said ICE's Smith. "If we're using resources to respond to somebody charged with a misdemeanor in Roswell, who are we missing?"

That's the ones we know are terrorists and murderers. If these guys don't have a record, they disappear. There are plenty of criminals with clean records. The fact that they haven't been caught before means nothing.

If DonViti is reading this, he's probably getting the vapors because this guy is a blatant racist. Well, no.

Williams likes to tell the story of a tall, blond woman who applied to be a Roswell police officer. She breezed through the initial application process. But in the final stage, during her interview with Williams, the chief noticed the woman hadn't supplied a birth certificate.
She said she was from Sweden and had yet to finalize her naturalization papers. Williams informed the woman she couldn't be a Roswell police officer then.
The chief recalled lecturing the staffers who had let her application through. "They saw this blond, tall, striking woman speaking perfect English," he said.
Williams saw someone whose paperwork wasn't in order.

It's about law, not race.


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